Welcome to Leases For Landlords

Making a Difference

Leases for Landlords is changing the way your legal services are delivered for the better thanks to our progressive and dynamic approach.

Why Leases for Landlords
  • We offer an original and bespoke service.
  • We have a comprehensive understanding of the commercial needs of landlords and we will readily share that knowledge with you.
  • We are perfectly positioned to assist landlords across the country and internationally.
  • We are confident that the quality of any negotiation we undertake on your behalf as well as the documents we produce will meet the very highest standards.
  • All matters are led by a dedicated team of solicitors with expertise in commercial landlord and tenant matters.
Keeping you in the Picture

We understand the practical and commercial needs of clients being kept informed of how matters are progressing. We are always happy to speak to clients on the phone but at the same time we pride ourselves on our progressive use of technology to enhance and speed up the process.


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